Sensepoint XCL

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Sensepoint XCL is a safe area fixed point gas leak detector that is designed to meet the needs of commercial and light industrial non-hazardous area applications.  The Sensepoint XCL range offers a flexible highly-reliable sensing devices to meet those needs.  Quicker installation  Rapid configuration  Simple to operate  Straightforward to maintain  Honeywell innovation enables customers to pair the gas detector with  their mobile phone using reliable Bluetooth technology, and then use an app to perform many tasks related to installation, commissioning and maintenance.  Typical Applications Kitchens and food processing Manufacturing facilities and factories Hospitals Retail sites Transportation and car parking Pharmaceutical Hotel and leisure University facilities and laboratories  

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XCL NH3(L), w/o relay, BT, XCL CO, w/o relay, BT, XCL LEL (CH4), w/ relay, BT, XCL LEL (CH4), w/o relay, BT, XCL H2, w/ relay, BT, XCL NO2, w/o relay, BT, XCL O2, w/ relay, BT, XCL O2, w/o relay, BT