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 The Satellite XT is a simple solution for all Point-of-Use gas detection needs. Based upon  the markets smallest and most reliable electrochemical cell technology, the Satellite XT  offers the flexibility, simplicity. The Satellite can be supplied as either an analogue or digital configuration with relay output versions available and an optional extractive sample unit.   The digital Satellite XT is built on LonWorks technology. Life Safety Systems built on a  LonWorks network platform allow users to leverage the cost efficiencies of distributed  controls, while maintaining the integrity and reliability necessary for code compliant safety  applications. The Satellite XT is an intelligent gas detection transmitter which utilises a  unique electrochemical sensor to detect toxic, corrosive, and combustible gas.  The Satellite XT is a Point-of-Use monitor normally located at or near a potential source  of gas release. Field accessories allow sampling options for various environments including  insitu duct detection and extractive designs for harsh or remote areas. Typical installations  for gas detection sampling include gas cabinet exhaust ducting, valve manifold boxes,  equipment enclosures, and ambient breathing zones.   

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Satellite XT 4-20mA