Microdock II

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The MicroDock II is an easy, cost-effective way to bump-test, calibrate, charge and manage records for BW portable gas detectors. With Fleet Manager II software, download information faster than ever from the MicroDock II. Improved functionality allows you to create accurate and user-friendly reports, print receipts of calibration, sort and graph data, archive information and manage your fleet of detectors. Compliance has never been easier.  

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Micro 5 Series docking module(charging w/ power), Max XT II /Max XT docking module (charging w/power), Quattro docking module (charging w/power), MicroClip Series docking module (charging w/ power), Extreme docking module, Micro 5 Series docking module, Micro 5 Series docking module (charging), Max XT II/MaxXT docking module (charging), Quattro docking module (charging), MicroClip Series docking module(charging), Base station with 2 gas inlets w/o power supply, BaseStation w/Max XT II module (charging w/power), Base station w/ MicroClip Series module(charging w/power)