Assessor 83 & 84 Integrating Sound Level Meters

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Both the Assessor Models 83 (Class 1) and 84 (Class 2), like all other Pulsar sound level meters are simple to use, affordable but high-performance instruments which comply with international standards. These instruments are ideal for people, such as those involved in industrial hygiene, who prefer the automatic 1:1 Octave Band method of selecting appropriate hearing protection for their workers.  To ensure simplicity of use, the instrument automatically sweeps through the information upon completion of the measurement cycle.Another key benefit of the Models 83 & 84 integrating sound level meters is that they do not need to be upgraded. They are supplied as data logging instruments with the outstanding Pulsar Analyser download and analysis reporting software as standard. The software not only enables the user to produce a variety of informative and professional reports, it also has a special database of hearing protection that allows you, at the click of a button, to have all the complex calculations done automatically and select the hearing protection you need.