G7C Base Unit Single Gas

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G7C Base Unit 

Blackline Safety’s G7c is the world’s hardest-working connected monitor. Should a gas leak, injury, or health event occur, G7c confidently accounts for everyone’s well-being and whereabouts in real-time, so no call for help ever goes unanswered. The moment something happens, safety incident data is communicated to live monitoring personnel who can mobilize responders to an employee’s exact location or trigger an evacuation in real time.

With a two-way speakerphone, monitoring personnel can communicate directly with the worker to provide comfort while also gathering critical insights and situational awareness for optimized emergency responses. Everything is time and location-stamped, powering the Blackline Analytics reporting platform. Bump test and calibration data are also communicated seamlessly for live compliance visibility and reporting. Teams can easily analyze their data without ever having to manually collect and compile anything.

If a gas leak, health event, or injury occurred right now, how fast could you respond? With the new G7-connected safety device, you’ll be able to respond in seconds.

Features of the G7C 

  • Fully ATEX certified
  • Fall detection
  • No-motion detection
  • Two-way voice and text messaging
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • SOS alert
  • Check-in
  • Indoor location technology
  • Assisted-GPS
  • Choose from a Standard, Singlegas, Multi-gas diffusion, or Multi-gas pump cartridge to address the needs of your work environment