G7 EXO Area Monitor

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G7 EXO Area Monitor

The G7 Exo is the world’s only detector with integrated cellular communications and two-way voice calling to a live monitoring team. Delivering a broad range of gas detection and real-time safety features, G7c is the most connected gas detection instrument on the market.

Until now, conventional area monitors have suffered short battery life, limited configurability, and inadequate connectivity while also being challenging to integrate into a seamless network. Blackline Safety’s G7 EXO deploys in minutes, delivering reliable connectivity and ultimate peace of mind for 100+ days, even in the harshest conditions. You can always rely on G7 EXO to perform when you need it most.

Features of the G7 EXO Area Monitor 

  • Internal 4G/2G wireless works in 100+ countries.
  • 100+ day battery life.
  • Internal GPS and beacon location technology.
  • Our poison-immune MPS combustible gas sensor with broad spectrum LEL protection ensures you never have to question if your monitors are detecting gases properly.
  • No nonsense – By eliminating the need for correction factors, G7 EXO eliminates unnecessary and costly false-alarm evacuations.
  • Command on demand – Your command center can be placed wherever you need during a project or incident, with confidence knowing that it is always connected.
  • Deployment magic – Focus on the task at hand instead of on the device set up with drop-and-go units that connect to the rest of your network wherever they are placed and with an integrated set-up wizard tool, you know your devices are set up properly, every time.
  • Expandable to meet your needs – Gain ultimate flexibility with optional four-channel pump and satellite modules. You can even tailor your gas detection performance with over 20 gas sensors to choose from, various power and mounting options, and output port usage options.
  • EXO pump module – enables businesses to remotely sample up to four confined spaces or remote locations sequentially, with up to 30m (100 feet) of tubing.
  • Communicates all data to the Blackline Safety Cloud — no need to collect data from the field.
  • Uses the same plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges as G7c.
  • Help is always on the line – Blackline’s 24/7 safety monitoring team accounts for the well-being of your team throughout their shift.

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G7EXO Cellular, Pumped PID, LEL-I, CO, H2S, O2, G7 EXO, Cellular, Diffusion Multi-gas NH3/SO2