Service Contracts

A service level agreement or service contract can be decided with our clients after project handover to ensure that all certification, calibration expiry dates and consumables are recorded and maintained. In accordance with the clients schedule a predefined SLA is agreed that details the services offered, response times for emergency situations, agreed maintenance dates, full list of site assets with location, key contact details and any consumable units that can be held in stock. The main benefits for entering into an SLA are listed as follows:

  • Cost Benefits. A maintenance contract can save you a lot of money in overall maintenance and unexpected repair costs. By opting for a fixed price of up to 5 years our clients can gain a definitive understanding of the overall costs associated with the project as well as when and where the work will take place.
  • Product Quality Assurance. The PMS (preventative maintenance schedule) will replace any units before failure to help prevent any equipment downtime.
  • Flexibility. Service contracts allow both OBW Technologies and our Clients to be flexible with one another which is incredibly important in many industries where unforeseen circumstances and the need for reactive work is commonplace.

Tailored packages

We can work out a solution that meets your requirements and can offer the following packages:

  • Calibration & Certification only
  • Inclusive/All Inclusive – with parts and labour

Contact our Service Manager at for further information.