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BW Microclip XL Multi-Gas Detector

BW Microclip XL Multi-Gas Detector Overview

The BW Microclip XL from Honeywell is one of the smallest personal four gas monitors on the market. Equipped with four sensors for the detection of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and combustibles (LEL) the BW Gas Alert Microclip XL is built to keep you safe in hazardous environments.

BW Microclip XL Multi-Gas Detector Details

Designed for portability, the BW Microclip personal gas monitor is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with 18 hour operating life to ensure your safety even across long shifts. Its four gas detection provides unparalleled protection against carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and combustibles such as ethanol, methanol and isopropyl alcohol.
Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the BW Microclip requires minimal user training and can be operated with a single push of a button. Lightweight and robust, the BW Microclip is comfortable to wear, clipping quickly onto a pocket or belt loop, yet tough enough to handle the worst of the workday. Rated for performance in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃, the BW Microclip can be depended on even in the most extreme environments and is backed by an IP68 rating, protecting it from dust, dirt, sand and submersion in water to a depth of 1.5m.
Honeywell’s green Intelliflash indicator assures you of the monitor’s continued operation, while an LCD screen provides continuous real-time readouts of gas concentrations, allowing you to respond in an instant to any rise in levels. In the event that gas levels are exceeded, you will be alerted by two wide angle red LEDs and an audible, vibrating alarm.
The BW Microclip eliminates the need for regular manual testing by conducting an automatic self-test of the monitor’s sensors, battery and electronics every time it is powered on and alerting you of any failures in their function. In addition, the BW Microclip notifies the user  when it is due for calibration or bump checks to ensure that you never enter the field with a faulty device.
The BW Microclip is able to store 16 hours of information (recording one datalog every 15 seconds) onboard and also records the the 10 most recent gas alarm events logged, including the type, level and duration of the alarm. This data can be downloaded from the device for analysis and record-keeping in order to improve your safety compliance. 
The use of an IR link or Microdock II docking station or Intellidox docking station is required to download event data from the BW Microclip, and the use of the Safety Suite software is required to prepare spreadsheet reports and analysis on this data. The BW Microclip is compatible with both the Microdock II and Safety Suite and multiple BW Microclips can be quickly managed and adjusted through both.
With five language options (English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese) the BW Microclip can be used by teams all over the world and only takes moments to switch between languages.  

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GasAlert MicroClip XL %LEL(U) O2 H2S CO EU, 4 GasAlert MicroClip XL %LEL(U) O2 H2S CO UK