Geopal GJD-02C gas alarm control panel

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The gas alarm monitor type GJD-02C is used, where only one detection point is needed, which requires just one gas detector.The alarm monitor is designed to receive and process the signal from the connected detector. It will carry out necessary follow-up signal processing and set off gas warning and gas alarm.The relay circuits in the GJD- 02C system have relay contacts for low alarm level, high alarm level and system fault. The relay circuits facilitate the operation of external functions like ventilation systems, magnet valves, cutting off the power supply, etc. The central alarm unit has a fault-finding circuit, which also monitors the detector cable. The failure relay is active during operation and will be de activated in the event of system error, including power failure, or the switch on the front panel is turned into off position.The central alarm unit is encased in a sturdy, granite-grey plastic cabinet with a transparent lid.