Leak Detection Could Save Millions

Serious leakages can be avoided in Data Centres with the help of some preventative measures. Data centres are protected against overheating, fire and ventilation failures, theft, and power loss. Although even with data centres being highly reliant on water usage, water leakages is a risk that is often overlooked.

Water or fluid leaks are a significant concern to data centers that should not be overlooked, especially as liquid cooling technology becomes more widely adopted. A well-designed liquid leak detection system can help you avoid catastrophic incidents like system failure and extended downtime, which can cause large financial loss.

The Global Data Centre Survey 2021 found that 51% of data centres surveyed don’t track or monitor their water whatsoever. It has been found that outages now cost data centre’s on average €657,000 in 2022.

Not every water damage in a data centre, server room, production facility, or warehouse has to be significant. Water penetration frequently causes merely a short-circuit. Larger floods will almost definitely cause significant damage to the centre.

Water or ultrapure water is commonly used to fill air conditioners. A burst water pipe or a leaking air conditioning system clamp can cause flooding in a data centre quickly.

Condensation leaking from air conditioners is normally collected in a separate container. There is a possibility of water leakage if these water tanks are not serviced on a regular basis.

Our Solution To Avoid Data Centre Leakages

Leaks can occur in cooling system equipment and water pipes throughout the data centre. The PermAlert PAL-AT system offers a versatile solution that can monitor with cable and probe sensors in a single control.

Fuel System Monitoring – The backup generator is a critical piece of equipment to ensure power redundancy. PermAlert industry-leading fast respond fuel sensor allow early detection of any fuel leaks within the fuel system.

Chemical Leak Detection – PermAlert highly durable detection cable can detect any chemical leak or spills from battery storage and water treatment facility.

Liquid leak detection equipment such as the PermAlert PAL-AT panel can provide early detection of any water or liquid around the critical infrastructure or equipment, minimizing the risk of a disaster before it happens. PermAlert’s liquid leak detection equipment consists of a main control panel, jumper cable and sensing cable. The sensing cable provides unprecedented flexibility to monitor equipment or area of any size or shape.

PAL-AT Control Panel

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