Geopal O2 and Toxic Stand Alone Detector

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Geopal GP ELK is a stand alone detector, a new generation of gas detectors with electrochemical sensors. The detector continuously monitors the specific level of toxic and harmful gases.In GP ELK the sensor signal is converted to a 4-20 mA output  signal adjusted to the current measurement range and compatible with external control equipment, DDC / PLC control systems, automation systems, etc. The analog signal from the detector is linear over the range.Optionally, the Geopal GP-ELK is available in a version equipped with relays for low alarm, high alarm and fault.

Examples of gases:

  • H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide
  • H2S Hydrogen sulphide
  • HCL Hydrochloric acid
  • C2H4 Ethylene
  • CH2O Formaldehyde
  • C2H4O Ethylene oxide
  • Cl2 Chlorine
  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • NH3 Ammonia
  • Nox Nitrogen oxides
  • O2 Oxygen
  • O3 Ozone
  • PH3 Phosphine