Major maintenance shutdowns can be demanding and stressful for companies, but they can also be efficient and cost-effective with careful preparation and attention to detail.

Without this preparation and planning shutdowns can cause large health and safety problems while a stop to normal operations costing a large loss of capital and disruption in service and/or supply. Shutdowns should be treated as pit stops, with as much planning as possible and as few surprises as possible.

The Blackline Safety G7 EXO Area Gas Monitor is a next-generation area monitor with 4G cellular connectivity. It connects sites during shutdowns and construction projects with direct-to-cloud connectivity, drop-and-go deployment, and a 100-day battery life.

Your team and workers have never been more secure thanks to G7 EXO Area Monitor that connects in minutes, poison-resistant LEL-sensors, and the capacity to sample up to four confined spaces or remote locations sequentially thanks to the four-channel sampling pump offered.

Cleaning process pipes, upkeep of flanges or vessels, general changes to site equipment, and much more may be required due mainly to the requirement for servicing, upgrading, or reequipping facilities.

Furthermore, there may be a large number of people on the premises who are unfamiliar with the site, its personnel, procedures, laws, or hazards. 

The EXO is a drop in area monitor that will connect your facilities safety together without having to set up complicated mesh systems or struggling to connect several area monitors together. 

When you contact one of our gas detection specialists we will need to discuss your application and in turn your risks. We can then advise the best solution for your needs.

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