I started in OBW Technologies in January of 2023 as a CO-OP student in the purchasing department. As part of my course, I had to complete 6 months in a role that suited my studies. Since I started, the company has expanded so much, growing from a team of roughly 50 employees when I joined, to an additional 20 joining the team.

My role involves a lot of communication, internally, and between suppliers, while also between our sales department as they converse with customers on lead times, when stock is due to arrive at our workshop and warehouse, and when certain work can be scheduled.

It is vital that in this role a strong attention to detail is maintained so as to ensure no order will fall through the net, interfering with the supply chain within the company, which is a massive part of the success here in OBW.

Working in OBW Technologies during my CO-OP proved to be an extremely fast paced environment, which I believe is the best way to gain an understanding of the industry, and to learn to ropes. The number of opportunities and exposure I have received within my role during my CO-OP has been immeasurable. I am confident that on returning to college for my final year, I have gained and developed vital skills that I can implement into my studies, and further career.

As of September, last year, I have returned to college to complete my fourth year, however, I have been given the opportunity to continue in OBW on a part time basis. I am currently positioned in the logistics department, and I am enjoying balancing study and work life.

It is impossible to speak highly enough of the people here a OBW Technologies, it really is a fantastic place to work. OBW has been rewarded as a family business and within the company, JJ and Sharon provide an excellent example to all employees.

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