Dry Ice is the common name for solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It gets this name because it does not melt into a liquid when heated; instead, it changes directly into a gas.



Dry ice can be a very serious hazard in a small space that isn’t well-ventilated. As it melts, it turns into carbon dioxide gas. In a small space, this gas can build up. If enough carbon dioxide gas is present, a person can become unconscious, and in some cases, die.

10kg of dry ice sublimes into about 5.4 m3 of carbon dioxide gas.


Dry ice is an attractive resource for virtually all industrial sectors. It is ideal for any process that requires effective refrigeration due to its cooling effect, excellent for transport of chilled or frozen food due to its anti-bacterial properties and essential for the transportation of medicines for vaccines in the pharma industry.

Gas Detection

We recommend using Gas Detection for CO2, we offer a range of portables and fixed options. Most popular options are below from Honeywell.

OBW engineers are available for a site visit to assess and recommend the best solution for you.

BW Solo CO2

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