OBW Technologies is offering the G7 EXO Area Monitor for rental. G7 EXO features fully automated connectivity. Simply turn it on and EXO does the rest, connecting to the Blackline Safety cloud through 4G.

Versatility is core to EXO, featuring a stainless steel base plate that supports several methods of mounting, including our survey tripod, low-base tripod, and universal mount for scaffolding, poles, and walls.

G7 EXO is the first and only area gas monitor to features the option of a four-channel remote sampling pump. With one area monitor, EXO enables businesses to remotely sample up to four confined spaces or remote locations sequentially, with up to 30 m (100 feet) of tubing.

It’s quick and easy to manage the remote sampling settings of EXO area gas monitors within the Blackline Live cloud-hosted software. Configuration profiles automate the process of configuring fielded EXO area monitors, eliminating the risk of misconfiguration.

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